Conpearl Sleeve

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conpearl lot conpearl lot
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Conpearl Sleeve

Con-pearl sleeve, known as conpearl lot, lighter weight than similar plastic corrugated sleeves.

Made from a 3-layer material, CON-Pearl sleeves are exceptionally strong in every direction. The key is the middle- layer, where pearls are formed in the polypropylene film for multidimensional stability. The two outer skins lock the structure into a stiff, strong and lightweight board.


  • Max height 2300mm
  • Thickness: 10mm 12mm or others
  • Grammage: 2,500 or 3,000 gsm etc
  • Superior to other plastic sleeves available in the market.

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Thickness: 10mm 12mm or others
Color: Clear, White, Grey, Black or as customer' requirement
MOQ: 5000kgs or 1x20GP
Max width: 2000mm
Length: Custom Length
Special Properties: UV Resistance, Electrical Conductivity, Fire Resistance And Special Colours
Ecological Properties: Easy to Recycle
Material: PP or Polypropylene
Applications: Conpearl lot, Crates, Boxes And Containers, Commercial Displays, Rooftops etc