We are DEALS. We provide excellent
Products and Service

DEALS supplies and manufactures innovative products to meet the everchanging demands of your business. Now main products: Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet, PP Honeycomb Board, Single Face Corrugated Sheet,PP Bubble Guard Board , Floor Protection Paper and related machines.

As the business grows, many customers normally have needs of consolidating other products in one container, they trust us and would ask us to purchase for them, therefore we specially opened a buying office in downtown. No matter whatever you want to buy, we can find it for you, good quality at reasonable ratings, because we know China better, we have a professional team behind us who on average have an experience of 10 years in sales and buying.


Four facts about DEALS

Quick & Reliable

Problem,solved it . Time is money . No delayed . Always provide you reliable time schedule and price .


Always focus on customer's requirements and find the new better replaced products . Once there is new technology , we will have a idea .


Developing and manufacturing innovative products to meet the everchanging demands of customers are a continuous process at DEALS. Not only do our evolving products help you solve today’s problems, they are designed to address your future needs as well.


The intuitive nature of our products helps you reduce your costs. With DEALS, you spend less time to find qualified product and more time develop your business.

DEALS' Milestone

  • 2016New Web

    New website is launched.
  • 2015Ram Board

    Added new products -- Ram Board
  • 2013Conpearl Board

    Added new products -- Conpearl Board
  • 2012Developing

    DEALS was expended our product area and more.
  • 2010Founded

    DEALS was founded on 2010 in China