PP Bubble Guard Box

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What is PP Bubble Guard Board ?
Cello PP Bubble Guard Board
Cello PP Bubble Guard Board
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PP Bubble Guard Box

pp bubble guard box

PP Bubble Guard Box

PP Bubble Guard Box is Made from a 3-layer material bubble guard board , CON-Pearl sleeves are exceptionally strong in every direction for pp bubble guard board .

The key is the middle layer, where pearls are formed in the polypropylene f lm for multidimensional stability. The two outer skins lock the structure into a stiff, strong and lightweight board.

Twin SHEET Boxes are a combination of vacuum-molded pallets with covers and our Con-Pearl pallet sleeve.
The weight of the pallet container in European standard dimensions is 24.5 kg and is thus significantly below the weight of packaging made of steel or wood.

PP Bubble Guard Box Features:

  • Box made of CON–Pearl or bubble guard board (talcum reinforced light weight board made of polypropylene)
  • High rigidity
  • Low cost packaging concept
  • Can be stored outdoors
  • Simple handling
  • Fits securely over a wood or plastic pallet to create a shipping container
  • Talcum reinforced for a rigid, lightweight structure
  • Resistant to tearing, impact, compression
  • Excellent flexural strength
  • Lighter weight than similar corrugated sleeves

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