Conpearl Container

low price con pearl container low price con pearl container
conpearl container conpearl container
Folded Conpearl Box Folded Conpearl Box

Conpearl Container

Conpearl container or conpearl box, the pallet container combines the features of Con-Pearl® with the advantages of all different kinds of pallets.

Con pearl Container are a combination of vacuum-molded pallets with covers and our Con-Pearl pallet sleeve. Pallet and lid with high framed rim for product protection and save return stacking.Our pallet containers and pallet sleeves are regularly inspected by official institutes.


  • Sleeve out of Con-Pearl
  • Extremely lightweight – stable – foldable
  • Reusable packaging and pallet box sleeves
  • Economically and sustainable plastic container for storage and transport

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Thickness: 10mm 12mm or others
Color: Clear, White, Grey, Black or as customer' requirement
MOQ: 1x20GP
Max width: 2000mm
Length: Custom Length
Special Properties: UV Resistance, Electrical Conductivity, Fire Resistance And Special Colours
Ecological Properties: Easy to Recycle
Material: PP or Polypropylene
Applications: Conpearl lot, Crates, Boxes And Containers, Commercial Displays, Rooftops etc