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What is PP Bubble Guard Board ?
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PP Bubble Board Supplier

pp bubble board supplier

PP Bubble Board Supplier

PP Bubble Board ,known as con-pearl board,  the honey-comb structure panel is extremely rigid and amazingly lightweight. Its three layer polypropylene composite is made up of a thermoform core in three different diameters D4, D8, D12 and two smooth and compact skin in a patented manufacturing process. The result is outstanding compression and impact strength, It is ideal for any product or application in which high strength and minimum weight are required.

An additional process allows PP BUBBLE BOARD  to be folded completely flat at the score lines, with absolutely no memory. It can be ultrasonically welded, heat welded, glued, die cut, slit, scored, printed on etc. It is ideal in demanding applications where excessive weight is present and it can be used in manufacturing pallet sleeves, totes and boxes of all sizes.

Available in different strengths and gram weights, the panel thickness is offered in 1.0 mm, up to 12 mm. Panel width up to 1800mm is available in any length required. Standard colour is blue but almost any other colour can be supplied.


  • Extremely rigid and light weight
  • Outstanding compressive and impact strength
  • Rot-proof and moisture resistant
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Can be easily folded
  • Can be laminated using no adhesive
  • 100% recyclable
  • Non-fluted product
  • Equal strength in all directions
  • Can be sonic welded, heat welded
  • Laminated material can be die cut with no residues left on the blades.

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